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PURE Straight/Wavy


Getting the Look:


Indique Pro Stylist Gabrielle Corney Says:
"The best way to achieve Olivia's tousled bob is to use a waving iron. Take vertical sections (which allows you to curl a lot of hair at once) hold the very end of the hair wrap it gently around the iron, give it a few seconds then release. Add a little shine spray and style. You too will be able to recreate Olivia's luxe look!” "To achieve Olivia's "wave-iliousness", you can use a 1 1/4 inch curling iron, wrapping medium size sections of the hair around the barrel. Use a light weight control hair spray hair aerosol spray for hold, run your fingers through your mane and you're done! If you are not curling iron savvy, try wrapping medium size sections on flex rods allow them to set overnight, add a dime-size amount of hair elixir for shine then finger style. With these 2 style tips, you too, can achieve Olivia's luxe curls with ease."