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Grammy Award-Winning Singer


Getting the Look:


Professional Stylist Cesar Ramirez Says:
106 & PARK LOOK: "I wanted to create a very structured updo to go with Monica's structured jacket. First I created a French roll in the back using an Indique fishnet in honey blonde. On the top section I used a flat iron to bend the hair forward creating a square shape incorporating some of the honey blond from the back section. Last I twisted the length of the hair that remained in the front to look like a retro S shape and pinned it back. I completed it with hairspray to keep in place.

LIVE WITH KELLY LOOK: "We wanted a tighter curl this day. To start I prepped the hair with a thermal conditioner and curled section by section with a 3/4 inch iron. In the front I did a deep side part and pin curled the fringe area for a softer wave that blended into the curl. Last I brushed everything together with a paddle brush and sculpted for my final look."

Cesar Ramirez is a celebrity stylist and Creative Director at Dop Dop Salon in SoHo. For booking information, please contact 212.965.9540