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LaLa Anthony
Television Personality
PURE Wavy and STUDIO Bangs


Getting the Look:


Professional Stylist Cesar Ramirez Says:
OMBRE LOOK: To create Lala's ombre look, I started highlighting her PURE Wavy using balayage (a painting technique) from the midpoint, gradually going lighter towards the ends. To enhance the natural texture, use a wave wand to create a more defined pattern.

NY POST LOOK: To achieve La La's look, create a high ponytail and section it into four parts. Roll each section towards your face, scrunch and secure with a hair pin. Voila, a full and defined bun is created!

BANGS: La La's red carpet look was completed with Indique Bangs! After Styling her up-do, I clipped on the bangs, then trimmed it to suit her face. Perfect if you're not ready to commit to a change and you can do it yourself or take it to your stylist to customize for your next big event.

Cesar Ramirez is a celebrity stylist and Creative Director at Dop Dop Salon in SoHo. For booking information, please contact 212.965.9540